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"I have been a professional vocalist/musician for 20+ years. My experience lies in performance. I've also had the pleasure to coach and be coached by fellow performing vocalists throughout my travels.

I've worked as a solo artist and with bands performing nightly on concert stages, singing for cruise lines and recording studios since 1987. In addition to receiving formal training and vocal guidance, I developed my own method of study by combining correct breathing technique with proper vocal placement. Rhythm and intonation usually depends upon the style of music you prefer to sing.

Whether it's Blues, Broadway, Pop, Jazz, or Opera, you must understand how to use your voice correctly. Once that is accomplished, you can apply that to any style of music that you like. Voice lessons bring many benefits to a student's life. The act of singing is known to relax and reduce stress. Since there is no physical instrument to hold, the act of singing can be very personal. Therefore, learning to sing in front of an audience can be a great confidence builder.

In my teaching experiences, I have found if students learn to have confidence in themselves first, then finding confidence in their voice follows; THIS is the key that unlocks the REAL voice, and the potential a student has within.  It has been my privilege to help students unlock their REAL voice. Voice lessons help you find your own personal sound and a way to express yourself like no other instrument can!"

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